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2016–2017 Acolyte Groups & Schedule of Service
Archangel MichaelArchangel GabrielArchangel Raphael
Yanni Laros Aidan Roseberry Brendan Roseberry
George Comet Foti Vakakis John Wozniak
Nicholas Liagridonis Matthew Pianfetti Theo Johnson
Alexander Comet  Dimitri Glaros  Nicholas Pianfetti
Acolyte Lay Leaders

Aidan Roseberry & Peter Iordanov

Acolyte Schedule—Fall 2016–Spring 2017

August 21st-- Archangel Gabriel

August 28th- Archangel Michael

September 4th- Archangel Raphael

September 11th - Archangel Gabriel- Church School Begins

September 18th – Archangel Michael (Holy Cross Procession)-

September 25th- Archangel Raphael

October 2nd- Archangel Gabriel

October 9th- Archangel Michael

October 16th- Acolytes (A. & B. Roseberry; G. Comet; Y. Laros; M. Pianfetti; F. Vakakis)

October 23rd- Archangel Gabriel

October 30th- Archangel Michael (Youth Sunday)

November 6th- Archangel Raphael

November 13th- Archangel Gabriel

November 20th- Archangel Michael

November 27th- Archangel Raphael

November 29th- Archangel Gabriel

December 4th- Archangel Michael

December 11th- Archangel Raphael (Christmas Pageant)

December 18th- Archangel Gabriel

Christmas Eve Morning Liturgy- (Saturday- Archangel Michael

Christmas Eve- Great Vespers- Archangel Raphael

December 25th- (Christmas Morning)- Archangel Gabriel

New Year's Day-  Archangel Michael

January 8th - Archangel Raphael 

January 15th- Archangel Gabriel

January 22nd- Archangel Michael  

January 29th - Special Group- A. Comet; D. Glaros; T. Johnson; N. Liagridonis; J. Wozniak

Sunday Evening- January 29th-(Great Vespers- 6:00pm of Three Hierarchs)- Archangel Gabriel

February 5th- Archangel MichaelGodparents/child Sunday)- Triodion- Pre-Lent Begins

February 12th- Archangel Raphael

February 19th - Archangel Gabriel

February 26th- Archangel Michael (Eve of Great and Holy Lent)

March 5th- Archangel Raphael (Sunday of Orthodoxy-Icon Procession) 

March 12th- Archangel Gabriel

March 19th - Archangel Michael (Procession of Holy Cross- Mid-Lent) 

March 26th- Archangel Raphael

April 2nd- Archangel Gabriel

April 9th- Archangel Michael (Palm Sunday- Palm Procession)

Holy Thursday (6:30pm) (April 13th)- Acolytes age 13 and older

Holy Friday afternoon (2:30pm)- Archangel Gabriel

Holy Friday evening (6:30pm)- Acolytes age 13 and older

Holy Saturday morning (9:00am)- Archangel Michael

Paschal Services (Holy Saturday night - 11:00pm)- Acolytes age 13 and older

April 16th- Pascha - "Easter Sunday"- Agape Vespers- Archangel Raphael 

April 23rd- Archangel Gabriel

April 30th- Archangel Michael  

May 7th- Archangel Raphael

May 14th- Archangel Gabriel (Mother's Day)

May 21st- Archangel Michael 

May 28th- Archangel Raphael

June 4th- Archangel Gabriel(Pentecost Sunday)

June 11th- Archangel Michael

June 18th- Archangel Raphael

June 25th- Archangel Gabriel

July - First part of August- First Three Acolyte Volunteers to arrive in the Holy Altar



All dates are Sundays unless otherwise noted. Please be sure to serve only on those Sunday you are scheduled, and also be sure to attend Church School classes when they are in session.