Three Hierarchs Greek Orthodox Church
2010 Three Hierarchs Court
Champaign, Illinois
Daily Worship
Daily Scripture readings, saints and feasts of the day, as well as hourly prayers, can be found through the Online Chapel page on our archdiocese website.
Week at a Glance
Wednesday, April 24th
Holy & Great Wednesday
9:00am- Service of the 9th Hour & Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts
2:30pm- Mystery of Holy Unction 
6:30pm- Service of the Bridegroom; Procession & Holy Unction Anoint
Thursday, April 25th
Holy & Great Thursday
9:00am- Vespers & Divine Liturgy of the Mystical Supper
6:30pm- Service of the Lord's Passion (12 Gospels)
Friday, April 26th
Holy & Great Friday
9:00am- Royal Hours
2:30pm- Great Vespers of Christ's Descent from the Cross
6:30pm- Service of the Lamentations
Saturday, April 27th
Holy & Great Saturday
9:00am- Vespers & Divine Liturgy
11:00pm- Vigil; Resurrection Service & Divine Liturgy of our Lord's Pascha
Sunday, April 28th
Pascha- Easter Sunday
12:00pm- Great Vespers of Agape; Childrens' Egg Hunt & Paschal Dinner
Monday, April 29th
Commemoration of St. George the Great Martyr
8:00am- Orthros
9:00am- Divine Liturgy
Tuesday, April 30th
6:00pm- OCF Ministry @ NIKA House
Monthly Calendar
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Schedule of Services
8:00am - Orthros
9:30am - Divine Liturgy
Eve of Feast
6:30pm - Great Vespers
9:00am - Divine Liturgy